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Mantic Point to Power New Risk Management App SafetravelRX

Posted by Mike Atherton on 15 November, 2018

We are absolutely delighted to announce our new partnership with SafetravelRX. Our risk management platform will be powering their service and helping provide medical assistance to business travellers across the globe.

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Mantic Point to Partner with action.ai on Exclusive Language Solutions for Travel Management

Posted by Mike Atherton on 13 August, 2018

We are absolutely delighted to announce our new partnership with award-winning Language as a Service platform, action.ai. Together we will be building the business travel industry’s only specialised natural-language conversational solutions.

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Business Travel in 2018 and Beyond: Challenges and Risks

Posted by Mike Atherton on 30 April, 2018

Corporate travel has endured a turbulent few years. While the industry has seen healthy growth, both in terms of the money being spent and the number of people travelling for business, the period has been characterised by increasing global strife and uncertainty. But what does the future hold? What are the risks and challenges travel managers should be mindful of in 2018 and beyond? 

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The GTMC Partners with Mantic Point for Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

Posted by Mike Atherton on 02 March, 2018

We are proud to announce that we’re joining the GTMC as its exclusive partner for duty of care and travel risk management. Our role will be in providing support to GMTC members as they develop their own corporate travel platforms.

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Could Blockchain Transform Corporate Travel?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 15 February, 2018

If you’re at all engaged with corporate travel news or pay any attention to the tech hype machine, chances are you’ve heard of blockchain . It exists in most people’s mind as the latest tech craze, simultaneously making some early adopters very rich and provoking condemnation from heads of state, economists, and bankers.

But what is it really, and how is it being applied to corporate travel? Are we on the brink of a paradigm shift, or amid another short-lived bubble?

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