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New Q&A: How is AI Shaping the Future of Business Travel?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 23 October, 2018

From the Lazy Susan and early GDSs to smartphone apps and online booking, technology has always shaped the direction taken by travel management companies. We asked action.ai pioneer John Taylor, how he saw the future of business travel unfolding.

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The Future of Voice Recognition in Business Travel

Posted by Mike Atherton on 09 October, 2018

It’s 2018 and we’re living in the future. We have infinite information at our fingertips, Tesla is preparing holidays to the moon, and there are smart devices in every pocket. We’ve become so used to technological advances that we barely batter an eyelid when we hear about artificial intelligence (AI) or voice recognition software. It’s become de rigeur – a true testament to how far things have come. However, there are exciting times ahead for these technologies, especially in terms of how they'll shake up business travel.

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Mantic Point to Partner with action.ai on Exclusive Language Solutions for Travel Management

Posted by Mike Atherton on 13 August, 2018

We are absolutely delighted to announce our new partnership with award-winning Language as a Service platform, action.ai. Together we will be building the business travel industry’s only specialised natural-language conversational solutions.

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Can Bleisure be Reconciled with Duty of Care?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 26 June, 2018

One of the most positive developments in  corporate travel of the last few years is the rise of ‘bleisure’— the bolting-on of leisure and sightseeing time to business trips. No longer is corporate travel limited to the airport-hotel-meeting-airport itineraries of old, as companies increasingly seeing the value in allowing travellers time to experience their destination outside the confines of the conference room.

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Infographic: Travel Risk Management - Are You Doing All You Could Be?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 04 June, 2018


Our new infographic presents key facts and figures that matter in travel risk management. It illustrates the clear gap between the requirements of today's business traveller ‭and the level of care that most are currently receiving.

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