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How to Attract and Retain the Best Independent Contractors for Your Corporate Travel Agency

Posted by Mike Atherton on 27 April, 2019

Something interesting has happened to the way TMCs and business travel agencies work in the last decade. No, for once, this isn’t about any great technological shift or disruptor of the market – although there has been plenty of that. Instead, it’s about who travel businesses hire and how they work.

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Topics: Travel Apps, Merchandising, Traveller Tracking

How Does Data Aggregation Boost Travel Risk Management?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 05 July, 2018

According to International SOS and Control Risks, two of the travel industry's foremost medical and security experts, the demand for advice on supporting business travellers has grown almost 300% in the last two years alone. And 800% over the last decade. Can data aggregation help fulfill this need for more and better travel risk management (TRM)?

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Topics: Travel Risk Management, Traveller Tracking

Can Bleisure be Reconciled with Duty of Care?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 26 June, 2018

One of the most positive developments in  corporate travel of the last few years is the rise of ‘bleisure’— the bolting-on of leisure and sightseeing time to business trips. No longer is corporate travel limited to the airport-hotel-meeting-airport itineraries of old, as companies increasingly seeing the value in allowing travellers time to experience their destination outside the confines of the conference room.

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Topics: Travel Apps, Traveller Tracking, Travel Risk Assessment

Infographic: Travel Risk Management - Are You Doing All You Could Be?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 04 June, 2018


Our new infographic presents key facts and figures that matter in travel risk management. It illustrates the clear gap between the requirements of today's business traveller ‭and the level of care that most are currently receiving.

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Topics: Travel Risk Management, Travel Apps, Traveller Tracking

The Future of Mobile in Business Travel Management – Part 1

Posted by Mike Atherton on 01 February, 2018

According to research from Google, more than half of business travellers use their smartphones to book elements of their trip – and that figure is growing. To help you capitalise on this trend we’ve written a two-part guide to the future of mobile business travel management.

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