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Wings Travel Travel Risk Management

When leading TMC, Wings Travel Management, needed a travel risk management solution, they turned to us.

Wings Travel Management

With over 25 years’ experience in travel management, and recently named best TMC at the 2019 UK Business Travel Awards, Wings Travel Management is one of the UK’s premier TMCs.

Specialising in oil and gas, marine and corporate travel, Wings has wholly-owned local branches in each of the world’s major regions. The company’s longevity, coupled with an expert team and global reach, makes it a leader in helping clients navigate challenging business travel.

In Pursuit of 

The team at Wings knew what they wanted: a risk management platform encompassing everything their clients need for safe, friction-free business travel and everything they needed to meet – and surpass – duty of care requirements. Their specifications included: 

  • The ability to locate and support travellers at every stage of their journey
  • Easy access to itinerary information, from one document in one place
  • An automated alert system with up-to-the-minute risk information
  • Secure check-in capability for travellers in the event of an emergency
  • The data to assess travel risk in advance
  • A two-way messaging service
  • Self-service features for travellers including airline check-in, directions and the ability to add to their itinerary

Based on this spec, Wings came up with the idea for VIMA™ – a travel risk management app that would keep their travellers safe at every stage of the business travel journey. All Wings needed, was the technology and risk data to power the app.

This is where we came in.

Enter Mantic Point

Wings chose to work with Mantic Point because their specifications were the perfect match for our expertise and experience. Our track-record in creating duty of care functionality was particularly attractive to Wings. In the words of CEO, Tony Sofianos:

“Mantic Point’s technology helps us quickly locate and communicate with our travellers, proactively providing them with the support they need to stay informed and safe.”

Using our technology and risk data has provided Wings with an app that puts traveller safety and duty of care front and centre, giving their clients everything they need for friction-free business trips. 

For the whole story, download the case study in full.

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