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Book a Communication Audit.

Review your communications strategy and improve the experience of every traveller


Create the perfect communications platform for your TMC

  • Does your TMC have a traveller contract strategy?
  • How often does your team communicate with customers?
  • Do your current communications reinforce your agency's values and services?

With third party content providers supplying everything from confirmation emails, to travel alerts, to itinerary invoices, this can often result in missing information, inconsistant messages and a disrupted journey experience for travellers. Itinerary documents are also generated by the GDS and can look the same for every agency, giving no competitive edge.

Fine-tuning your communications strategy will enable your travel management company to communicate effectively with your corporate travellers, providing the perfect, tailored experience every time. 

Streamline your communications

Our platform works with your organisation's data to create a tailored experience for the traveller right from the initial booking through to their journey home. Stand out from the crowd and segment your traveller's data to create custom travel documents to personalise their experience and reduce trip friction. Ensure every trip is plain-sailing.

Book your audit with us today to begin improving communication between you and your travellers. 

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