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Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation.

Prepare Your TMC for the Uncertain Future of Business Travel Following the Introduction of NDC-Standards



Is Your Business Ready for the Disruption Caused by Trip Fragmentation?

The business travel industry has always evolved at a fast-pace but the introduction of NDC-standards has the potential to cause unparalleled business disruption at all every stage of the supply chain - hitting TMCs particularly hard.

One of the least discussed challenges faced by TMCs is trip fragmentation. Simply put, this is when NDC-standard elements of a trip can't integrate with your GDS, resulting in the loss of 360-degree visibility of the trip.

We've written Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation to help TMCs counter the threat of trip fragmentation and avoid adding cost, complexity, and time to their business processes.

Inside Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the NDC?
  • What are the Challenges for TMCs?
  • Why is Trip Fragmentation Such a Worry?
  • How Can My TMC Deal with the Disruption Caused By Trip Fragmentation?

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