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Press Release: Executive Travel Release ‘On the Go’ App for Corporate Travellers

On the Go Corporate Travel Intinerary Mobile App

Leading global travel management company, Executive Travel, has launched a new version of its all-in-one ‘On the Go’ travel application, which is powered by Mantic Point, to enable corporate travellers to consolidate all travel data into one single mobile app, removing the need for multiple apps and travel resources.

App Overview

  • Provides clients with the ability to manage their complete journeys from A-Z via one single mobile application
  • New features of the intelligent itinerary management tool include mobile booking capabilities, calendar syncing and itinerary sharing

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Developed using Mantic Point’s mobile itinerary management platform, it places travel resources in one convenient app, which can be personalised by client.  The new version includes the ability to share itineraries with contacts, make additional travel bookings via the app, plus synchronise calendar updates.  Automatic itinerary updates, flight status notifications and useful guides are already available via the smart phone app.

Simplifying Travel

Steve Glenn, CEO of Executive Travel said: “Travel impacts every part of an organisation and the complexities of managing a travel program continue to increase each year.  Our mission is to 'Simplify Travel' for all stakeholders at every stage. By launching the new version of our On the Go app, it enables business travellers to do just that; manage their complete corporate travel needs via one single app, putting them in complete control.

We looked at the changing needs of today’s corporate travellers and found that while many may purchase flight tickets from their TMC, they may then use a separate booker for a hotel or use Uber for taxis, for example; all of which was previously managed in disparate places. Now, strong mobile itinerary management brings it all together in one place.”

Mike Atherton, Mantic Point’s CEO, adds: “We are proud to support Executive Travel with delivering an innovative mobile itinerary management solution that meets the evolving needs of its clients, both today and in the future.  As a result, Executive Travel is able to deliver an enhanced mobile experience to its clients and their travellers - many of whom have moved away from booking travel on a PC, but instead now fully rely on mobile devices when it comes to travelling for business.”

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