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Travel Risk

Meeting duty of care requirements needn’t be difficult or time-consuming. Control every aspect of your travel risk management from our desktop platform.


  • managed-icn

    Managed from Your Desk...

    Get a global overview of your organization’s entire travel program. Track travelers, rate developing risks, and minimize the impact of disruption – all without ever leaving your seat.

  • communicated-icn

    & Communicated Straight to Travelers’ Devices

    Arm travelers on the ground with all the information they need for a safe trip, with two-way messaging and a timeline to audit conversations.


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  • Automate Risk Alerts

    Provide a 24hr service with automated traveler risk alerts and travel manager impacted traveler reports. There's no need to wake anyone up at 3am to run reports on who's impacted by an event; start working on supporting travelers immediately while our platform handles all key communication.

  • Assess Risk in Advance

    Gauge threats at the planning stage with Country Security Advisory Ratings.

    A clear picture of the situation in any destination allows you to equip travelers with a personalized risk briefing – long before they ever touch down.

  • Ensure Duty of Care

    Set automated compliance notifications and ensure critical information reaches those who need it.

    In the event of an audit, data is easily exportable to external systems.

  • Stay Ahead of Disruption

    Track disruptions and the travelers they affect in real-time.

    Up-to-the-minute risk alerts give you the insight to steer travelers clear of delays and keep their trips running smoothly.

  • Track Travelers Anywhere

    Mobile GPS tracking lets you quickly locate all the travelers affected by an emergency.

    Drill down into trip details to see the parts of their itinerary impacted, and provide secure check-in capability from travelers’ smartphones.

Clarity Risk Management Case Study

Clarity Risk Management

See how we helped one of the UK’s largest independent travel management companies transform risk management.

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Grappling with Duty of Care Requirements?

Then let us show you how Mantic Point can keep your travelers safe and make compliance pain-free.