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Travel Waiver Automation. 

Managing airline waivers has never been easier with Mantic Points automated waiver application


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    Capture, evaluate and take action

    Streamline your agent process to reduce the time and improve the accuracy of managing airline waivers. Automate the end-to-end process from waiver capture to exchange.  

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    Saving money for travelers and your agency

    Make sure your travelers are not paying too much and your debit memo costs are minimized

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    Build back better

    When travel volume returns take the opportunity to build better processes. Automate waivers to improve productivity, accuracy and costs.


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  • Capture waiver data effortlessly 

    Access reliable, near real time travel information across your business. Use the latest AI and machine learning technology to gain insight into your travel budgets and traveler behavior

    Provide the business with timely access to the information they need to make better decisions.

  • Identify impacted PNR's

    View PNR's impacted by a waiver, see how it's impacted and what needs to be done to ensure waiver codes are entered correctly so the traveler and agency are not charged for the change.

  • Annotate the PNR

    Let your travel consultant focus on serving the traveler rather than researching which waiver applies to a specific PNR.

    Mantic Point updates the PNR so the consultant can see the detail they need when they're in the GDS

  • Automate

    End to end automation to minimise agent time, improve productivity and financial performance from debit memo avoidance. Use Mantic Point's automation technology to help scale your business.

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Waiver Product Sheet

See how our Waiver Autopilot and Copilot products can help you manage disruption for your clients.


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