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25 Essential Cultural Differences for the Business Traveller

Cultural Differences for Business Traveller

When travelling for business, it’s vital to avoid faux-pas that can show you and your company in a bad light. The wrong hand gesture, or inappropriate eye contact could risk disruption to a potential deal, or even just cause bad feeling between your employee and their host or colleague.To keep awkwardness to a minimum, we’ve compiled 25 of the most common cultural differences business travellers come across, along with how to avoid them.

25 essential cultural differences for the business traveller from Mike Atherton

Of course, not all business travel risks come from potential misunderstandings. To ensure that your organization's business travellers avoid unnecessary risks, and to communicate effectively with them in the event of an emergency, itinerary management can support risk managers in exercising duty of care. To find out more, download our 5 point guide.

ITINERARY MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS FOR TRAVEL DUTY OF CARE Best Practice for Risk  Managers Learn how to ensure safe travel for your colleagues,  and provide a thorough  trail for your auditors.  Read now Read now

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