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The Importance Of Traveling To Business Conferences

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During the pandemic, businesses became used to conducting sales, marketing, and client meetings online, and even many formerly face-to-face events transitioned to an online format. There are many benefits of continuing this hybrid model post-Covid. However, there are also significant advantages to be gained from employees travelling in person to business conferences abroad or in another part of the country.




1. Networking 

Engage your target market up close and personally by attending industry conferences and trade shows. You'll meet people who can help you grow your enterprise and establish long lasting strategic partnerships with like-minded fellow attendees. Travelling to an in-person event makes it easier to connect with people you want to talk to, and immediately gauge their level of interest in your ideas and business direction, without to-ing and fro-ing by email and phone.

2. Develop Your Skills

Business conferences are perfect crucibles for both networking and learning new skills that can help your employees take your business to the next level. Whether it's industry-specific advice or tips on how to better manage operational processes, or insight about where to make positive investments, you'll gain crucial real-world knowledge that is difficult to replicate in a virtual environment.

3. Be Seen In The Industry

Prominent trade events are the ‘canaries in the cage’ for innovations and emerging trends. By attending conferences, you increase the visibility and positive reputation of your brand within your industry as a thought leader, and as a business that takes an active interest in the technologies and ideas shaping the sector. You can leverage the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and experience in the field – whether through a formal presentation, sponsorship, or trade stand, or simply by engaging with fellow attendees on the ground. Showing your commitment and dedication to staying informed will help separate you from the competition and make your brand more memorable to customers seeking your types of service and product. 

4. Work In An Exciting New Temporary Setting

One of the most important benefits of physically traveling to conferences for individual employees is the chance to socialise with professionals in similar or related job roles – outside of their usual 9-to-5 work environment. Attending a conference allows attendees to achieve in a weekend what may take years to cultivate on LinkedIn. The informal, social opportunities surrounding face-to-face events, and the exciting, temporary setting, plays a crucial role in helping delegates leave their baggage behind and approach their tasks with a new and receptive mindset.

Bespoke Travel Solutions From Mantic Point

Mantic Point offers a complete travel platform, TripScape, that helps corporate travel managers and TMCs to handle risk management, itinerary delivery, traveler experience and much more. If you are venturing into face-to-face events once more after a hiatus during the pandemic, contact Mantic Point today for advice on how to streamline and maximize the value of your corporate travel strategy.

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