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The Risk Manager’s Guide to Itinerary Management

risk manager's guide to itinerary management

For a risk manager, travel risk is a complex and ever changing issue. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce our guide to itinerary management for risk managers, to show how traveller tracking, communication tools and up-to-date travel risk information can protect your organisation from undue risk, while providing peace of mind to your travelling colleagues.

Current events, legislation changes and technological disruptions are changing the business travel industry on an almost daily basis. From understanding the costs of travel disruption to managing the risks of traveller visibility and exercising duty of care, it can be difficult to make informed decisions without access to the right information. Just as importantly, it can be difficult to act on it quickly in the event of an emergency without the right tools.

Anticipating and planning around the risks involved in business travel relies on having up to date information. Mitigating the risks may rely on being able to communicate quickly with travelling colleagues in the event of an emergency.

For managing business travel risk from planning to reporting, itinerary management systems offer risk managers valuable travel risk information, integrated with the tools for adapting planned travel and communicating with affected travellers.

To find out more about how traveller tracking and itinerary management can help your organisation exercise duty of care for travelling employees, download our eBook.

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