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Bristol Airport Duty Free Deals

One of the UK’s fastest growing airports; around 7m passengers will pass through Bristol Airport this year. On the back of this growth, the airport recently completed a major refurbishment and extension – as a result their Tax and Duty Free store is now 50% bigger and offers an even wider choice of quality brands at a fraction of high street prices.

The Problem

To increase awareness of the value offered by their Tax and Duty Free store,Bristol Airport is always open to new ways of reaching passengers. easyJet is the largest airline at Bristol, so when Mantic Point introduced them to easyJetText, the airport jumped at the chance to test the effectiveness of this mobile advertising channel. The challenge for Mantic Point would be to ensure that each campaign would be targeted to the appropriate audience.

The Solution

To entice people into their store and to raise their average basket size, Bristol Airport put together a special promotion for passengers who’d opted-in to the easyJetText service, offering a £5 discount to anyone spending over £35.

Bristol Airport decided to target their offer at international passengers travelling on certain routes. The 160 character text message offer was sent to selected passengers around 2 hours before their scheduled departure time – catching people at just the moment when their interest in airport retail peaks.

Passengers redeemed the offer by showing their text message to the cashier. The cashier then scanned a barcode by the side of the till to record the discount in the point of sale system. They also recorded the passenger’s flight number.

By combining this redemption data with data about when offers were sent, Mantic Point and Bristol Airport could answer important questions like:

  • Which routes perform best?
  • What's the best time of the day to make this offer?
  • Are there particular days when this offer performs more strongly?

Analysing this information on a weekly basis, Mantic Point and Bristol Airport optimised the campaign by testing different calls to action and fine-tuning the targeting criteria… to maximise the campaign’s return on investment.

The Result

As you’d expect with mobile, conversion rates on the campaign were strong… but the most impressive metric was the average transaction value. Passenger’s who redeemed the easyjetText offer spent on average over 50% more than a typical tax and duty free store customer.

For Bristol Airport, these results prove that mobile has a valuable role to play in future marketing campaigns.

Connecting with airline passengers on their departure day

With easyJetText, passengers opt-in to receive flight updates, reminders, and special offers on departure day. They receive this information via a number of SMS text messages, sent to their mobile phones.

easyJetText lets advertisers target their offers to ensure their messages reach the right audience at the right time, with minimal waste.

This means passengers only receive relevant offers that they’re likely to respond to.

About the services

easyJetText is a white-label version of Mantic Point’s StreamThru service.

Mantic Point operates mobile concierge services for airlines and other travel companies.

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