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Moneycorp Exchanges

TTT Moneycorp (TTT) operates busy, high volume bureaux de change at Gatwick and Stansted airports. Each week, TTT exchanges over £5m of currency for over 30,000 passengers at Gatwick and Stansted airports combined.

The Problem

TTT are always looking for ways to grow their share of on-airport currency conversions. When BAA, the owner of Stansted and Gatwick airports, informed them about easyJetText and Monarch Mobile, two new departure day mobile advertising services, TTT was keen to take part.

The challenge for Mantic Point would be to ensure that each campaign would be targeted to the appropriate audience.

The Solution

In August 2007, TTT created a special offer for easyJetText passengers flying on six selected routes from Gatwick Airport. Each time a passenger redeemed an offer, TTT recorded the date and time of the transaction along with the passenger’s destination.

TTT simply adapted its POS system to make it easy for staff to record this information. On a weekly basis, TTT provided this data to Mantic Point. Mantic Point then provided TTT with detailed campaign analytics, reconciling redemption data against when the offer was sent. Using this information, TTT and Mantic Point refined their targeting by selecting the optimal time to make the offer on each route. For example, they could see the offer worked best on the Barcelona and Amsterdam routes during the week, whereas Malaga performed best over the weekend.

Over a few weeks, Mantic Point and TTT were able to double the response rate to the offer by fine-tuning their targeting.

After a few weeks, TTT could see the offer was working well, so they increased the number of routes the offer was available on. Currently, TTT’s offer is available to easyJetText passengers flying to 21 destinations from Gatwick.

In late September, flyMonarch.com launched their Monarch Mobile service. flyMonarch.com and easyJet both operate from the South terminal at Gatwick, so it was a simple matter for TTT to extend their offer to Monarch Mobile passengers.

The Result

After 3 months, as a result of refining their offer’s targeting, TTT achieved an excellent redemption rate in excess of 10% on easyJetText.

On Monarch Mobile, TTT achieved slightly lower redemption rates, but this was offset by a 30% higher average transaction value.

TTT is currently extending their offer to easyJetText passengers flying from Stansted airport.

Connecting with airline passengers on their departure day

With easyJetText and Monarch Mobile, passengers opt-in to receive flight updates, reminders, and special offers on departure day. They receive this information via a number of SMS text messages, sent to their mobile phones.

With both services, advertisers can target their offers to ensure their message reaches the right audience at the right time, with minimal waste. This means passengers only receive relevant offers that they’re likely to respond to.

About the services

easyJetText and Monarch Mobile are white-label versions of Mantic Point’s StreamThru service.

Mantic Point operates easyJetText on behalf of easyJet and Monarch Mobile for flyMonarch.com

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