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American Express

With more than 1,700 locations in over 130 countries, American Express is recognised around the world for its great products and high service levels.

Within the UK, American Express Foreign Exchange Services operates dedicated bureaux de change at Heathrow and Glasgow airports, providing a wide range of products and services dedicated to travellers.

The Problem

In a competitive market, American Express’ challenge is to make travellers aware that they’re better off buying their foreign currency from American Express in the UK, rather than waiting until they reach their destination to use a cash machine or overseas bureau de change.

The Solution

With Mantic Point airport vouchers, American Express found a way to communicate their message to their target audience at just the right time.

Working with Mantic Point, American Express created an exclusive offer for Mantic Point Airport Voucher subscribers who were flying from Glasgow Airport to international destinations. American Express offered Airport Voucher subscribers 0% commission on their foreign currency purchases.

Passengers who’d opted in to the Airport Voucher service received a mobile voucher with the American Express offer around 2 hours before their scheduled departure time. To redeem their offer they simply presented the mobile voucher to the cashier at the American Express bureau.

American Express recorded the number of transactions against each flight and by matching this to data provided by Mantic Point, detailing when the offers had been sent, they could easily track performance of their campaign.

The Result

And, the results were very impressive. American Express achieved a 7.5% conversion rate with this offer, which clearly demonstrates the ability of the mobile channel to influence customer behaviour.

American Express were so impressed with the results that they extended the campaign to their other European bureaux de change airport concessions.

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Connecting with airline passengers on their departure day

With Mantic Point airport vouchers, passengers opt-in to receive flight updates, reminders, and special offers on departure day.

Airport vouchers lets advertisers target their offers to ensure their messages reach the right audience at the right time, with minimal waste.

This means passengers only receive relevant offers that they’re likely to respond to.

About the services

Airport Vouchers is a white-label version of Mantic Point’s StreamThru service.

Mantic Point operates mobile concierge services for airlines and other travel companies.

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