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Holiday Extras

Post booking merchandising success lifts airport parking sales by 5.5%. Holiday Extras, one of Mantic Point’s suppliers and the UK market leader for travel add-ons, organises travel arrangements for seven million travellers every year.

With their core offerings of airport hotels, airport parking, airport lounges, airports by rail and coach, and holiday insurance, Holiday Extras prides itself on providing impeccable service at the lowest prices.

The Problem

Airport parking, although a necessity for many travellers, is generally an afterthought for customers and is rarely purchased at the point of sale. Rather, travellers concentrate on booking flights or hotels for their trip; airport parking is usually purchased closer to (typically 3-5 days before) their trip departure date. For TMCs, this causes a ‘revenue leakage’, as instead of booking airport parking with other trip segments, travellers arrange parking directly with the supplier, which represents wasted commission opportunities.

The Challenge

In each instance the commission payable on a car park booking is relatively low; it means TMC booking agents have little incentive to revisit a booking, unless asked to by their client. But for the TMC the sum of lost commissions can amount to a significant value over the course of a year. The challenge is to remove the need for costly, manual intervention and automate the post-booking process. Meanwhile for Holiday Extras, getting in front of the traveller, at the right time, means working with TMCs who actively engage travellers post-booking. Without access to a platform that target customers are using, and the data a platform produces, it’s not achievable for Holiday Extras to start a conversation with customers without being invasive. This is important, as when the traveller is ready to buy airport parking, they are likely to go to the provider who has the right ‘conversation’ at the right time.

The Solution

Mantic Point’s travel applications, as well as email confirmation and itinerary services, are used by travellers from the largest global TMCs to small independent retail agents. Through the data that these services produce, we can develop unique insights into remarketing opportunities for airport parking, post point-of-sale. This data and access to target customers via these applications and services is of real value to Holiday Extras.

This problem created an opportunity for travel agencies. Mantic Point developed a fully automated re-marketing campaign for Holiday Extras through our agencies’ channels that deliver personalised and contextualised messages to travellers at the right moment. The commission agencies receive from Holiday Extras creates an additional revenue stream for them, without any input on their part, or any invasive, irrelevant messages being pushed to customers.

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