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Clarity - Mobile Engagement

A leading independent travel management company (TMC) with thirteen offices spanning the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands, Clarity offers tailored travel management services to organisations of all sizes. Clarity is also a founding member and preferred partner of Radius Travel, and, as such, possess a truly global reach that helps them provide their clients with an unparalleled level of service.

To achieve this, Clarity combines unsurpassed industry knowledge, expert practical advice, and cutting-edge technology to design bespoke travel management solutions for each individual client.

Supporting Employees at Every Stage of Their Trip

Clarity’s primary offering is its global Go2Mobile App, powered by Mantic Point. Designed to utilise up-to-the-minute information on flight delays and anything else that might negatively affect a corporate traveler’s carefully orchestrated itinerary, the Go2Mobile app supports employees at every stage of their trip, 24-hours a day.

In addition, Clarity's travel management solutions are seamlessly integrated with our Go2Track risk management app. Using real-time data, GPS tracking, automated traveler updates, and other tools to help businesses design effective risk management solutions, tailored to suit budgetary and specialist requirements.

However, the list of available features doesn’t stop there.

As part of its efforts to provide the most comprehensive support for its clients, Clarity offers everything from destination guides and up-to-date weather forecasts, to currency converters and a raft of other self-service features to help travelers manage their itinerary. All distributed from a single, consolidated hub that makes managing every stage of the trip a cinch.

Partnering with Mantic Point

The ability to seamlessly integrate their existing services with Mantic Point's white label travel management tools wasn't the only reason why Clarity chose us, however. As much as anything, they were impressed by our open, collaborative approach. 

Here’s what Clarity CEO Pat McDonagh had to say:

We chose Mantic Point because they make an excellent partner. There’s a broad range of traveler experience products as well as a flexible approach to implementation.

Mantic Point understand our business and are very responsive to the ideas we bring to the table.

This enabled them to begin delivering their next generation of travel management services, including AI-driven conversational interfaces, day of travel, and mobile booking tools.

For a more comprehensive discussion of how Mantic Point has helped Clarity refine its services to provide clients with the best corporate travel experience possible, read the case study by clicking the link below.

Download this Case Study to access whenever you want.