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Direct Travel
Case Study

Direct Travel is a leading travel management company (TMC) that specializes in tackling the travel challenges faced by corporate businesses.

As a forefront TMC, the organization wanted to keep pace with heightened digital expectations within the travel industry and refocus efforts towards creating a superior customer experience on their platform.  

To achieve this, Direct Travel chose Mantic Point to consolidate the digital aspects of traveler management on their mobile platform, Direct2U, and revamp their document delivery systems. 

Direct Travel

Led by industry experts, Direct Travel guides businesses’ through a consultative cycle to assess their corporate travel management plans. The organization helps their clients to improve traveler experience while simultaneously optimizing key measures such as cost and digital travel management adoption.

With both a regional and global customer base, the business discovered the need to deliver an advanced digital platform for a growing list of customers – following rapid transformation, organic growth, and multiple successful acquisitions. 

More so, Direct Travel recognized the increasing importance of providing a streamlined customer experience, driven by increasing digital expectations in the travel industry. In fact, the World Economic Forum advocates a customer-centric digital strategy  as a key priority across all industries, and, in the travel management sector, travelers now expect seamless digital touchpoints and personalization throughout their journeys.

What Did Direct Travel Need? 

Through their mobile platform, Direct2U, Direct Travel required a consolidated digital platform that combined all essential GDS content into one system. This enables their clients to streamline and digitalize the traveler experience, uniquely combined with foolproof duty of care and financial information for mobile. 

In this case study, we discuss how Mantic Point has assisted Direct Travel in the following areas:

  • Integrated duty of care
  • Digital transformation for the future
  • Traveler invoice and retrieval 
  • Itinerary management
  • Traveler experience

Darryl Hoover, Chief Technology Officer at Mantic Point, attests that one of Direct Travel's greatest attributes is the "ability to offer truly flexible solutions to every aspect of traveler management." The organization required a flexible travel management interface to match, and it's partnership with Mantic Point was the perfect fit.

To learn in-depth how Mantic Point has helped Direct Travel deliver a superior digital experience on their Direct2U mobile platform, read our case studies. 

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