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Hickory Global Partners partners with Mantic Point

Hickory Global Partners, a leading global corporate travel alliance for travel management companies (TMCs), corporate travel departments (CTDs) and corporations and Mantic Point, a provider of high quality white label travel management software for TMCs, OTAs, CTDs and corporations, have entered into a partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Hickory Global Partners will endorse and promote Mantic Point’s related software offerings to its membership.

Hickory is the first global corporate travel alliance to partner with Mantic Point. The formation of this relationship is a win-win, not only for both companies, but especially for Hickory Global Partners’ members.

“Our partnership with Mantic Point will enable us to offer our membership access to an array of worthwhile software tools and applications that will equip corporate travelers with everything they need to enjoy a safe and productive trip — all from one, easy-to-use interface,” states Chris Dane, President and Managing Partner of Hickory Global Partners.

The suite of Mantic Point’s products offered through Hickory Global Partners to its over 2500 members includes its Custom Mobile Application, Travel Risk Management, Travel Document Delivery and Travel Reporting and Analytics solutions.

Mantic Point’s Custom Mobile Application offers all the benefits of your own business travel itinerary app, without the cost of developing and maintaining it in house. The

Travel Risk Management module helps you control every aspect of your travel risk management from its global desktop and mobile-enabled platform. Travel Document Delivery enables you to receive multi-TMC and multi-GDS global automated itineraries and invoices that are delivered to travelers in a single personalized document. Travel Reporting and Analytics from Mantic Point provides near real-time reporting in one single platform, insights and forecasts and interactive dashboards containing important data and unused ticket management information.

“We’re hugely excited to be joining forces with Hickory Global Partners. Everyone at Mantic Point firmly believes the combination of Hickory Global Partners’ agency network reach and our white label travel and risk management tools will ensure corporate clients and their travelers get the best support and access to the latest technology,” says Mike Atherton,” CEO of Mantic Point.



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