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Valerie Wilson Travel - Corporate Traveller Mobile App

Valerie Wilson Travel is one of the most widely respected and well-known travel management companies (TMCs) in the US.

Corporate clients representing a broad range of industries and pleasure seekers alike have used Valerie Wilson Travel for over three decades, relying on the company’s peerless industry expertise and customer-centric approach to travel management to enjoy safe, friction-free trips.

However, maintaining its position at the forefront of the industry over such a long period of time has not been without its challenges. Chief among them: keeping up with the relentless pace of technological advancement in the digital age.

Find out how Mantic Point helped leading US TMC Valerie Wilson Travel create a  robust itinerary management app in our latest case study

Valerie Wilson Travel

Founded in 1981, Valerie Wilson Travel (VWT) was established to address major deficiencies within the travel industry. Specifically, the lack of first-hand knowledge and noticeable absence of dedicated service from contemporary travel management companies.

In the decades since, VWT has expanded, gradually blossoming into a true industry powerhouse with offices located throughout the US.

The net result is that industry-leading publications, such as Travel Weekly and Business Travel News, regularly include Valerie Wilson Travel in their annual lists of the world’s top 50 corporate travel agencies. And this, in turn, has led to VWT becoming proud members of Virtuoso: a luxury travel network comprised of the best agencies and travel providers across the globe.

Consolidated Itinerary Management

Ask any frequent traveler what the most time-consuming part of their trip is and, chances are, their answer will be organizing their itinerary, invoice, and expense information.

Though not as stressful or frustrating as a flight delay or travel risk alert, keeping abreast of vital travel and financial information is much more difficult if it wasn't consolidated into a single document or mobile itinerary from the start.

One of the ways TMCs can differentiate themselves from the competition is, therefore, to ensure both traveler and client are always armed with the most up to date information —presented to them in the way that's best suited to meet their specific requirements.

Ideally, this will be supported by automation and self-service functionality. The former the most efficient solution to the problem of adapting to sudden changes in the traveler's plans (factoring in the corresponding itinerary and financial consequences). The latter providing access to crucial travel and financial information (pre and post trip), improving the service experience and reducing account management costs for the TMC.

With so much to consider, VWT decided to invest in a mobile travel itinerary management app capable of providing customers with the kind of comprehensive, personalized experiences they’ve come to expect. And partnering with Mantic Point helped them deliver on their strategy.

Thanks to Mantic Point’s cutting-edge technology, VWT was able to deliver a superior digital experience to its clients. Vital travel information (from both multi and non-GDS content) is consolidated within a single, all-encompassing itinerary and mobile app. This gives TMCs access to the tools they need to support front-line travelers at every stage of their journey.

Some of the key features include:

  • Flight status notifications
  • Unrestricted access to vital financial information
  • Real-time risk alerts
  • Automated itinerary updates
  • Self-service functionality, including airline check-in and invoice sharing

What's more, the mobile nature of VWT’s new app ensures that everything travelers need for a friction-free trip is delivered seamlessly straight to their smartphone — wherever they are in the world, at any time of the day or night.

Transforming Travel with Mantic Point

The app has certainly been a hit with VWT’s customers. Which, given Mantic Point’s expert knowledge, doesn't come as much of a surprise to Executive Vice President Patrick Fragale:

Mantic Point has a deep knowledge of business travel and an excellent range of traveler experience products, as well as a flexible approach to implementation. They know business travel and want to work with us to deliver innovation to our clients and travelers.

To learn more about the ways Mantic Point helped Valerie Wilson Travel improve its service offering with a robust and modern travel itinerary management app, download the dedicated case study using the link below.

Create a robust travel itinerary management app with Mantic Point. Download our VWT case study.

Download this Case Study to access whenever you want.