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Direct Travel - Document Delivery

With an international reach supported by a strong local presence, Direct Travel remains at the forefront of global travel management and pride themselves on developing the finest professional staff and investment in the state-of-the-art systems that support them. With the fast pace of technological advancements in travel management software, Direct Travel turned to Mantic Point for help with its document delivery systems.

The challenge, and the opportunity

Direct Travel was going through a period of strong growth supported by the acquisition of highly successful companies and organic growth, and this presented a number of challenges for the company.

Darryl Hoover, Direct Travel’s Chief Technology Officer, explained

As a company in an active acquisition mode we didn’t have brand or image consistency across our acquisitions.

One of the things Direct Travel wanted to do was to make sure that communication and conversations with customers were consistent across the business.  ‘Document delivery is arguably the highest touch-point you have with a customer from an electronic communications perspective. We wanted a common look and feel for our customer[s], and our brand’ said Darryl.

An opportunity arose to think outside the box about how and what to communicate and, in particular, how to provide a traveler with the right information.

Direct Travel had a pretty good idea of what they wanted

Direct Travel wanted to provide a more contextualized experience for the traveler and a more customizable document delivery platform for the customer.

Advances in technology meant that itineraries could become much richer in content. The ability to add links within a document to sites that a traveler would find important was considered extremely valuable. They also wanted to be able to make travelers aware of new information, products and services via customizable banners and graphics.

Now they needed the right partner to create a platform to deliver their requirements.

The partnership with Mantic Point

Direct Travel knew what they wanted to deliver but needed to work with a partner that could develop a platform to make it possible. They approached a number of potential partners and ended up choosing Mantic Point.

Darryl said:

We chose Mantic Point because they make a very good partner. There’s a willingness [by them] to fit into our box where other potential partners tended to be more rigid in their approach. We found Mantic Point to be very flexible and responsive to the ideas we brought to the table.

Developing the platform

The process of developing the platform presented some challenges which required close collaboration between the teams. Darryl commented ‘While it was a lot of hard work, Mantic Point’s flexibility meant that we could overcome difficulties and find solutions that resulted in a more robust product.'

Direct Travel wanted to make sure that the eventual system would visualize the information presented to it rather than just manipulate data because of a lack of standardization. They didn’t want to develop a system that allowed for non-standardized data which would eventually result in a negative customer experience; the teams had to work towards a robust and future-proof platform.

Darryl said ‘The partnership helped us embrace a more standardized approach to data, and it allowed Mantic Point to do what it does best; data management and visualization.'

The result

Mantic Point’s software development expertise resulted in a platform that works across multiple GDS and supported multiple booking types and flows. The robust platform is scalable and better able to support future growth as services and products are extended to travelers and clients.

Mike Atherton, Managing Director, Mantic Point said ‘our aim is to support Direct Travel in providing their clients and travelers a single comprehensive document that meets their needs now and as the business evolves over time. Using our traveler experience platform means faster innovation, increased speed to market and consistency of experience for the traveler. ’

The platform came with added benefits.

Not only are we able to communicate our own brand, but we can now do the same for our customers by including content aligned with their needs. If they need to communicate a specific message (e.g., Benefit Open Enrollment) with their traveling audience we give them a vehicle via the document delivery to deliver that relevant message to the traveler.

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