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Clarity - Mobile Engagement

Our Go2Mobile app allows our travellers to easily manage flight, hotel and car reservations. Through the use of live and automated updates we're able to provide updates to flight statuses and itineraries, access to destination guides, weather forecasts, a currency converter and more all in the palm of your hand.

Because we play a vital role in our clients’ duty of care and risk management programs, we have integrated our Go2Track risk management service into our Go2Mobile app including GPS location and automated traveller alerts.

Focus on Traveller Experience

Through the Go2Mobile app powered by Mantic Point, Clarity delivers a superior digital experience that allows them to support their travellers at every stage of their journey.

“We chose Mantic Point because they make an excellent partner. There’s a broad range of traveller experience products as well as a flexible approach to implementation.

Mantic Point understand our business and are very responsive to the ideas we bring to the table”.

Pat McDonagh | Clarity CEO

Powerful Itinerary Management

One location for all trip information Multi-GDS and off GDS content combined into a single, consolidated itinerary delivered seamlessly to the travellers mobile app. Automatic updates for all trip segments means the Clarity traveller always has the latest information delivered right to their device.

Greater access, more control

Go2Mobile users have more control over their itinerary with self-serve features such as airline check in, GPS location, directions as well as adding in those important amendments such as meetings or restaurant reservations.

Integrated Duty of Care

Mobile, messaging and portal

The Go2Mobile app is seamlessly  integrated into the Clarity duty of care Go2Track service providing automated traveller alerts and impacted traveller reports for the travel manager. 

Two way messaging and GPS location means Go2Track provides the visibility and insight to travel risk management.

"Clarity is committed to providing the tools our travellers and clients need to make the most of their trip and keep them safe."

Sue Chapman | Commercial Director

Doing More to Help

Airline check in and status

Go2Mobile users receive updates via notification when it's time for check in or when there has been a change in the flight status, meaning they spend less time board watching and more time preparing for their travel.

Supporting the booker

Go2Mobile keeps the travel booker updated about the status of their travellers journey with automatic itinerary  updates, flight status and risk alerts direct to their mobile app. Go2Mobile keeps you in control of your duty of care when it comes to your travellers.

Building on success

  • AI and Voice
  • Day of travel tools
  • Profile management
  • Mobile booking

Powered by Mantic Point technology, Go2Mobile is evolving to meet the needs of its clients and travellers.

New services such as conversational interfaces and compliance messaging will keep the traveller engaged throughout their trip. Self-serve access to profile and booking will provide them with access to the tools they need wherever they are.

Download this Case Study to access whenever you want.