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Why Mantic Point?

We know the travel industry and our software platform integrates with every major GDS. Give your travellers the best experience with our tailored travel apps.

Why Choose Mantic Point?

Our team works closely with travel industry experts to develop software and applications that empower travel managers from TMCs, OTAs and enterprises to provide seamless travel experiences.

With years of experience, working for industry heavyweights such as easyjet, Direct Travel and Clarity, we understand the needs of the industry today. From creating efficiencies in itinerary management and delivery, to ensuring you have the information you need to keep your travellers safe, or simply maximising your revenue generating opportunities, we have the tools and the knowledge to support you and your travellers.

Itinerary Delivery
White label applications for travel management

Your Brand is Our Brand

All of our applications, whether mobile or desktop, are completely white label. Add your branding, logos and customise content so that when your travellers receive any communication, use your app or visit your itinerary portal, they enjoy a consistent visual and content experience.

Even more importantly, our team will tailor your applications to the needs of your organisation. If presenting travel risk information and policies is paramount, it can be prioritised. If driving revenue is crucial, we will work with you to optimise conversion.

White label applications for travel management

We Work with Everyone

Our team know this industry inside and out and, as part of that, they've integrated our platforms with the major GDS and travel data providers:

  • Travelport (Galileo, Apollo, Worldspan)
  • Sabre
  • Amadeus

And if we haven't done it before, we will work to integrate your data with our systems.

We Improve Your Travelers’ Experience

These days, a 'one-size-fits-all' approach isn't an option. Our applications are built with customization and personalization in mind, allowing your team to segment your travelers with rules and automate the sending of relevant, timely and tailored content.

Your portal will give you easy access to view, monitor and update your application, ensuring that your travelers always have the best possible experience, from the first confirmation email to their journey home.

Our applications

Ready for a Simpler Way to Keep Your Travelers Safe and Satisfied?

Then let us show you what Mantic Point can do.