How to Manage Corporate Travel Risk Within Your Company

Posted by Mike Atherton on 12 December, 2017

Corporate travel is an essential part of modern-day business with (US) $1.3 trillion spent globally on it in 2016. It poses a number of unique challenges for companies of all sizes though. And perhaps the most important one is keeping your employees safe.

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Topics: Travel Risk Management, Travel Risk Assessment

The Importance of Automation in Corporate Travel

Posted by Mike Atherton on 08 December, 2017

Automation and it's consequences are everywhere you look: in the political sphere as calls for a universal basic income grow, in Hollywood with all its fear of AI, in manufacturing as more and more low-skill jobs are performed by machines, and even on our roads as the first driverless cars are tested.

Automation and humanity’s relationship with it is truly the topic of our times, but, as we move towards what some have termed the “fourth industrial revolution”, how important is automation to business travel management?

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Topics: Travel Apps, Merchandising, Document Delivery

How to Enhance Personalisation with Mobile Travel Communication

Posted by Mike Atherton on 04 December, 2017

Personalisation has always been a key element of traveller satisfaction; we all like to feel as though we’re being individually catered to and business travellers are no different. Mobile travel communication makes it easier than ever for TMCs and corporate travel managers to provide travellers with everything they need for a truly personalised experience—here’s how.

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Topics: Travel Apps, Merchandising, Document Delivery, Travel Risk Assessment

5 Ways to Minimise Business Travel Disruption

Posted by Mike Atherton on 27 November, 2017

We live in a world marred by geopolitical strife, polarised by the side-effects of globalisation, and at the mercy of increasingly extreme weather—so disruption is likely to remain an unfortunate feature of business travel for some time yet. However, this doesn’t mean travel managers should resign themselves to defeat. While there is a little that can be done to eradicate disruption outright, there are steps you can take to minimise its effects on your business travellers. Here are 5 of the most effective.

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Topics: Travel Risk Management, Travel Apps, Traveller Tracking, Travel Risk Assessment

5 Tips to Better Communicate Corporate Travel Policies in Your Organisation

Posted by Mike Atherton on 17 November, 2017

Ensuring company-wide compliance with your corporate travel policies isn’t easy and can often feel like herding cats. Could better communication be the answer to increasing travel policy buy-in? And how can you achieve this in your organisation?

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Topics: Travel Risk Management, Travel Apps, Document Delivery, Communication Strategy