Is the NDC Standard Worth it for TMCs?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 15 June, 2017

The world of travel consumerism is on the cusp of historic change. The combination of mobile travel apps, big data, and artificial intelligence is driving a transformation set to revolutionise the consumer experience. To stay ahead of the curve, and capitalise on this next phase of evolution, TMCs must consolidate existing distribution solutions and embrace the next wave of travel e-commerce. But where does the New Distribution Capability (NDC) fit in?

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What is a Travel API?

Posted by Mantic on 07 June, 2017

Travel APIs have taken off in a big way in recent years, but what, exactly, is a travel API? More importantly, how can it help your travel brand?

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The Power of Live Chat and Bots in Travel Management

Posted by Mike Atherton on 01 June, 2017

As artificial intelligence continues to make waves across the industry, live chat and, especially, chatbots are the current hot topics in travel management. Live chat and chatbots pose both benefits and challenges for TMCs, but get it right and you could vastly improve customer service and open up new lead opportunities.   

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New Download: Q&A with Clarity - The Future of Business Travel

Posted by Mike Atherton on 15 May, 2017

Clarity, formed from the merger of Clarity Travel Management and Portman Travel, is one of the largest travel management companies in the UK. Pat McDonagh, their CEO, is a strategic, commercial and innovative thinker with a unique breadth of experience across the corporate travel industry. We asked him 7 questions about the future of the travel management industry.

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Mantic Point has been nominated for Travel Technology Business of 2017 by TTG Media

Posted by Mike Atherton on 28 April, 2017

We are honoured to be nominated for Travel Technology Business of the Year by TTG Media. The TTG Travel Awards are widely regarded as being the toughest in the business, and we would really appreciate your help to win in our category.

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