How is the Business Travel Experience Different for Women?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 21 March, 2018

The #metoo movement has opened many eyes to the frequency and depth of the inappropriate behaviour women often experience, but how have women who travel for business been affected?

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The GTMC Partners with Mantic Point for Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

Posted by Mike Atherton on 02 March, 2018

We are proud to announce that we’re joining the GTMC as its exclusive partner for duty of care and travel risk management. Our role will be in providing support to GMTC members as they develop their own corporate travel platforms.

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How Important is Voice Interaction in Business Travel?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 01 March, 2018

Voice interaction isn’t a new concept:  the first iteration of Apple’s voice assistant Siri was released way back in 2011. However, it’s only in the last couple of years that it’s really begun to capture the collective imagination, and this is particularly true in the case of corporate travel.

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How Can the Travel Industry Get More from Personalisation?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 20 February, 2018

Business travellers are no longer satisfied by basic tricks of the trade like addressing them by name in emails, so what can TMCs do better when it comes to personalisation?

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Could Blockchain Transform Corporate Travel?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 15 February, 2018

If you’re at all engaged with corporate travel news or pay any attention to the tech hype machine, chances are you’ve heard of blockchain . It exists in most people’s mind as the latest tech craze, simultaneously making some early adopters very rich and provoking condemnation from heads of state, economists, and bankers.

But what is it really, and how is it being applied to corporate travel? Are we on the brink of a paradigm shift, or amid another short-lived bubble?

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