How Technology Transforms the Role of Corporate Travel Managers

Posted by Mike Atherton on 20 October, 2017

Back in 2014, a report by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation, sponsored by Sabre Travel Network, predicted that technology would transform the role of corporate travel managers by 2019. Now that we have reached the halfway mark of that prediction, how far along the road are travel managers and how can technology help their role evolve?

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Topics: Travel Apps

Why Email Still Has the Edge for Travel Managers

Posted by Mike Atherton on 05 October, 2017

Over the past few years, it’s been very much en vogue to declare email dead; belly up in a sea of social media platforms and messaging apps. It’s estimated the average person receives 121 emails a day and humanity as a whole 193.3 billion, and, unsurprisingly, some argue this deluge of communication is driving consumers to alternative options such as social media and instant messaging. So, should travel management companies (TMCs) find another way to communicate with travellers or is talk of email’s demise premature?

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Topics: Merchandising, Communication Strategy

What Does Trump's New Travel Ban Mean for Business Travellers?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 29 September, 2017

On Sunday, Donald Trump issued a third “travel ban”, extending restrictions to a further three countries and adding more fuel to the raging civil rights and legal battles that have plagued his first year in the White House. We uncover how new curbs on immigration may affect business travellers.

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Topics: Travel Risk Management, Traveller Tracking, Travel Risk Assessment

What is Trip/Traveller Friction?

Posted by Mike Atherton on 24 August, 2017

Traveller friction is the name given to the negative effects that business travel can have, both in terms of personal and professional problems the traveller may experience, as well as the long-term issues a company may face. 

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New eBook: The Future of Business Travel – Insight from Industry Experts

Posted by Mike Atherton on 16 August, 2017

Our new eBook shares insights from leading industry figures from bta first, Clarity, Capita Travel and Events and Traveleads, on recent developments in travel management, and how the business travel industry will change in the future. Business travel is a rapidly evolving industry - it's essential that travel industry leaders understand the key areas for strategy development and transformation. 

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