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Travel Tech Blog.

Our travel technology experts share their insights into trends and news from the world of travel itinerary apps and travel risk management.

How TMCs Can Improve Their Data

Is Personalization Good for the Traveler or the Airlines?

Meetings Back at Pre Covid-Levels: Is This the End of Pandemic Recovery Mode?

The State of Traveler Tracking

How Can Corporate Travel Better Adapt For People With Disabilities?

Air Canada NDC Surcharges: Lessons in Change Management

Pros and cons of NDC for Travel Management Companies

How To Pack For A Business Trip

6 Tips to Bring Back the Skills Lost During the Pandemic

Are Hotel Bookings Increasing Again After The Pandemic?

How Strikes Affect Business Travel In 2023

Hotels Prioritizing Business Travelers

China Now Open Again for Business Travel

How Automation Is Helping To Combat The Skills Shortage In American TMCs

Why Has There Been A Rise In Lost Luggage At Airports In 2022?

Why Business Travel Is Important For Company Culture And Growth

How Is Duty Of Care Linked To Travel Risk Management?

The Importance Of Traveling To Business Conferences

What Should Travel Managers Do About Unused Airline Tickets?

Virtual Credit Cards And Business Travel Apps: An Efficient Solution For Payment Authorizations

5 Ways To Prevent Your Luggage Being Lost On A Business Flight

Fine-tuning ChatGPT For The Business Travel Industry

Maximising Efficiency: The Benefits Of Automating Airline Waiver Administration For Travel Management Companies (TMCs)

The Impact Of AI Models On The Future Of Business Intelligence Reporting In The Business Travel Sector

Business Travel Bouncing Back After Pandemic: An Opportunity For Travel Management Companies

The Role Of Technology In Post-Pandemic Business Travel

What To Do With Your Downtime While Traveling For Business

What Are The Benefits Of Online Collaboration Tools In Travel?

Huge Business Hub Turkey Drops All Covid Restrictions For Entering Country

Contingency Plans For Stranded Business Travelers With Lots of Flights Getting Cancelled

Travel Destinations With The Best Ground Transportation

Streamline Your Business Travel With Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools

Hotel Attachment Reporting: How This Can Help Your Business

How Hotel Attachment Reporting Can Benefit Your TMC

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Travel Risk Management Apps

Why Is Consolidated Traveler Data Easier To Manage Using Our Technology?

4 Attributes of a Successful TMC–Client Relationship

The Benefits of White Label Travel Apps

6 Features To Look For In A Corporate Travel App

The Importance of An Automated Travel Itinerary

Travel Risk Management Software: Managing Travel Risk In The Digital Age

3 Benefits of Travel Management Software for A Corporate Travel Manager

Why Do You Need Custom Travel Software?

Corporate Travel Management Software And Why You Need it

How To Minimise The Impact Of Disruption On Your Trip

The Importance of Corporate Travel Management Apps

How To Help Your Clients Streamline Their Business Travel Arrangements

How To Stay Organized With Travel Management Software When International Travel Returns

The Communication Benefits Of Using Travel Risk Management Software

TMCs Are Leaders In Travel Technology

3 Top Ways To Make Your Business Travel Smoother

Crisis Management – Lessons We Can Learn from Delta Air Lines Technical Issues

Five Ways To Become One Of The Best Travel Management Companies

New Download: The Benefits of Travel Risk Data Consolidation for Corporate Travel Departments

How to Choose a Travel Risk Management Provider

The Practical Scope of Travel Bots – How They Will Change the Industry

Why It’s Important to Deliver Itinerary Services Beyond Email and TMC Mobile Apps

Why is Flexible Travel Document Delivery So Important to TMCs?

Press Release: Tiffany Woodard Joins Mantic Point as COO of North America

Business Travel Trends to Look Out for in 2020 and Beyond

Streamlining Corporate Rail Travel with Consolidated Document Delivery

New Download — Branding, Communication, Content: The 3 Key Elements of Successful Travel Document Delivery

Press Release: Mantic Point Unveils Jae Scott as its New VP of Account Management in North America

Action.ai Partnership: Bringing an Innovative Conversational Interface to Business Rail Bookings

Mantic Point Adds Lumo Integration

Comprehensive Risk Management Should be the Cornerstone of Any Bleisure Trip

How to Attract and Retain the Best Independent Contractors for Your Corporate Travel Agency

Mantic Point to Partner with Valerie Wilson Travel

Mantic Point to Power New Risk Management App SafetravelRX

New Q&A: How is AI Shaping the Future of Business Travel?

The Future of Voice Recognition in Business Travel

Are Your Passengers Fit for Travel? 3 Vital Pre-Travel Health Checks for TMCs

Are All Business Travellers Equal When it Comes to Travel Risk?

Mantic Point to Partner with action.ai on Exclusive Language Solutions for Travel Management

Mantic Point Launches New-look Travel Risk Management Software

The Top 8 Risks Facing Business Travellers

How Does Data Aggregation Boost Travel Risk Management?

Can Bleisure be Reconciled with Duty of Care?

Infographic: Travel Risk Management - Are You Doing All You Could Be?

What Challenges do TMCs Face in Travel-Risk Management?

Business Travel in 2018 and Beyond: Challenges and Risks

How is the Business Travel Experience Different for Women?

The GTMC Partners with Mantic Point for Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

How Important is Voice Interaction in Business Travel?

How Can the Travel Industry Get More from Personalisation?

Could Blockchain Transform Corporate Travel?

The Future of Mobile in Business Travel Management – Part 2

The Future of Mobile in Business Travel Management – Part 1

New Download: Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation

The Top 7 Corporate Travel Trends for 2018

How to Manage Corporate Travel Risk Within Your Company

The Importance of Automation in Corporate Travel

How to Enhance Personalisation with Mobile Travel Communication

5 Ways to Minimise Business Travel Disruption

How To Communicate Travel Policies to Employees

How to Evolve your Travel Risk Management Processes

Tech That’s Shaking Up Business Travel

How Technology Transforms the Role of Corporate Travel Managers

Why Email Still Has the Edge for Travel Managers

What Does Trump's New Travel Ban Mean for Business Travellers?

What is Trip/Traveller Friction?

New eBook: The Future of Business Travel – Insight from Industry Experts

The Importance of Business Travel Policy Communication: Mantic Point in Business Travel Magazine

How to Minimise Health Risks During Summer Travel

Uncovering the Myth Behind the European Booking War

What are The Industry Concerns Surrounding NDC Adoption?

Is the NDC Standard Worth it for TMCs?

What is a Travel API?

The Power of Live Chat and Bots in Travel Management

New Download: Q&A with Clarity - The Future of Business Travel

Mantic Point has been nominated for Travel Technology Business of 2017 by TTG Media

How to Prepare Your Travellers for the In-Flight Laptop Ban

New download: Q&A with bta first - Travel innovation and change

New download: Q&A with Capita Travel and Events – 2020 Innovation and Change

Press Release: Direct Travel Partners with Mantic Point and iJET International for Advanced Travel Risk Management

Risk Assessment For Business Travel: Why You Should Perform One

The TSA Precheck – Is it worth it?

5 Ways to Build Travel Policy Buy-in

Press Release: Executive Travel Release ‘On the Go’ App for Corporate Travellers

Press Release: Mantic Point and FCM to Preview Next-Generation Travel Risk Management Prototype

How Well Does Your Business Travel Policy Support Your Travellers?

[Infographic] Business Travel Trends for 2017: Growth, Budgets and Bookings

6 Questions to Ask When Considering a Mobile Travel App Partner

Bleisure - Passing Buzzword or Travel Trend on the Rise?

Do Travel Managers Need to Improve Their Communication?

Ancillary Revenue Forecast to Hit $70B by End of 2016

7 Corporate Travel Trends for 2017

4 Essential Travel App Features for Corporate Travel

New Download: How to Attract More Users to Your Travel App - A Strategy Guide

Travel Distribution: Is the Future Bright for TMCs?

Is the Travel Sector Ready for NDC?

Can Travel Apps Still be Successful?

Travel Technology: Mobile First, Not Mobile Only

How to Improve Your Travel App's User Experience

Travel Technology Study: 69% of Corporate Travel Programmes Lack a Mobile Strategy

Challenges and Risks Facing The Travel and Tourism Industry: Pt 1

Platform Update: Strategic Investment Progress

New Download: Transforming the Travel Experience Through Mobile and Apps

Facing New Threats: Challenges and Risk in Today's Travel Industry - Pt. 1

Why Artificial Intelligence is Making Waves Within the Travel Industry

What Does the Future Hold for Post-Booking Merchandising?

What Does Brexit Mean for the Travel Industry?

How to Improve Cyber Security During Business Travel

6 Steps to Brilliant Post-Booking Merchandising for TMCs

4 Leading Travel Companies Choose Mantic Point’s Technology

Mantic Point at the GBTA Convention 2016

How to Promote Your TMC's App As The Best For Organizing Travel Itinerary

Data, travel technology and the changing role of the TMC

How to choose a travel itinerary app strategy for your TMC

Best Language Apps for Corporate Travellers

New Case Study: Direct Travel

New Download: The Future of Business Travel – a Q&A with Traveleads

How to Perform a Travel Risk Assessment

Portman Launches SafeTrack for Traveller Tracking and Risk Management

Platform Update: Enhancing Productivity and Personalisation

Travel Risk Management: What You Need to Know about the Zika Virus

How to Minimise Health Risks During Winter Travel

7 Reasons Why You Should Still Use A Travel Management Company

How Millennials are Reshaping the Travel Industry

Why Personalisation is Vital to the Future of the Travel Industry

2016 Off to Flying Start for Mantic Point

How Will Technology Shape Travel Management in the Future?

How to Minimise and Manage Risk During the Olympics

5 Top Tips for Personalised Itinerary Documents

Visit Us at the 2016 Business Travel Show

5 Travel Itinerary Nightmares and How to Manage Them

9 Business Travel Trends That Will Shape 2016

6 crucial communication tips for travel risk managers

3 ways travel itinerary management can alleviate travel risk

WorldAware Q&A Download: Managing business travel risk in 2016

The Risk Manager’s Guide to Itinerary Management

Travel industry implications of the Egypt plane crash

Southern European customs every business traveller should know

Is Travel Risk Taken Seriously in Your Organisation?

What does NDC mean for TMCs?

25 Essential Cultural Differences for the Business Traveller

How TMCs can achieve multi-channel merchandising success

5 ways for TMCs to drive post booking revenue

How TMCs can add new, automated revenue streams

How is the Sharing Economy affecting the corporate travel industry?

TMCs: beware of the hidden costs of self-build mobile apps

What do mobile apps by GDS companies offer TMCs?

CAA forces airlines to change compensation policies

Portman - a case study in travel risk management

How to deliver travel risk management

How can suppliers help your TMC win more client travel business?

Why you need to manage travel risk for the business traveller

5 Preconditions to Investing in Itinerary Management Software

5 top tips on managing disruption "when things go bad"

On a scale of 1-5, what level of travel risk management do you offer?

7 signs your TMC needs a new communication strategy

Why is customising client travel itinerary emails important?

Is it time to choose a native travel app?

Why every large company needs a travel risk strategy

Business, leisure and the role of TMCs

Selling corporate travel with the right sales tools for TMCs

TMC travel risk management pricing strategy

The secret to competing with the mega Travel Management Companies

Do Travel Management Companies and their clients deserve each other?

The anatomy of a corporate travel booking

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