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Portman - a case study in travel risk management


Controlling the communication channel is a key driver in building and maintaining relationships with customers.  For a TMC this extends to crisis and travel risk management where their clients and travellers have been impacted by disruption and they need to know how it might affect their trip. Increasingly corporates are looking to their travel provider to manage the flow of relevant, contextual information to them and their employees so they can make the right decisions prior to and during business travel.

But not all corporate clients think the same way about duty of care, some will need or can afford only the most basic information - to know where their employees are, others will want their employees to be fully briefed before they leave on their trip and yet other corporates will want full risk assessment and repatriation of employees as a minimum.

So the traditional, one size fits all approach to risk management is often wide of the mark from a business and budget perspective.   What's needed is a comprehensive tiered service that a TMC can offer all of its clients at an affordable price point and then provide them with an easy, intuitive, one click upgrade path to add the functionality  that supports their business when they need it.

This is exactly the approach taken by Portman, one of the UK's largest independent travel management companies. Using and adapting Mantic Point's risk technology platform they offer a full set of duty of care and risk management products under their SafeTrack product range.

Find out more about Portman's duty of care and risk management strategy and what it delivers their clients in the case study below.

Portman Case Study Delivering Travel Risk ManagementHow we developed a risk  software suite Read the Case Study Order Today

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