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The Importance of Corporate Travel Management Apps


Corporate travel management will slowly start to make a comeback as the pandemic eases, but this brings with it a host of anxieties for travelers who are apprehensive about returning to life as normal.

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With every corporate trip involving a bewildering number of variables, including travel itinerary, expenses, flights, taxis, and hotels, a consolidated travel strategy can be of great value to corporate travel managers – saving time and money, and avoiding errors. On top of this, you need to provide your travelers with up-to-date safety information.

What Is a Corporate Travel Management App?

A corporate travel management software app, such as Tripscape by Mantic Point, combines all travel documents, itineraries, and travel communications within a single dashboard that can be accessed by the employer and traveler. This makes it easier to highlight where support is needed, keep control of expenses, and communicate with travelers in real time, easing anxieties about safety and ensuring they are fully informed.

Benefits Of Corporate Travel Management Software

Investing in a bespoke corporate travel management platform, like Tripscape, brings a range of benefits to both TMCs and corporate travel departments, whatever your business management requirements.

  • Inbuilt GDS integration – Tripscape has native integration with Travelport, Sabre, and Amadeus, the world’s three leading GDS providers.
  • A consistent, consolidated experience for the traveler, allowing them to focus on maximizing productivity from their business trip.
  • Four powerful modules within the same product, covering: 1) mobile itinerary (for the traveler), 2) document management, 3) risk management and, 4) reporting.
  • High level of automation saves time and money on repetitive manual tasks.
  • Manage all your travelers from the same dashboard.
  • Access automated Covid risk alerts, flight disruptions, and itinerary updates.
  • No technology risk – lowering your total cost of ownership.

Having all your travel information together in one app makes it easier for travelers and travel management staff to access the documents they need, when they need it, allowing a more responsive approach to corporate travel that avoids disruption and helps keep travel budgets under control.

Helping Manage Uncertainty and Risk

The global corporate travel market is still very much under the shadow of Covid, with regular changes in risk status, and a confusing network of travel restrictions in place throughout the world.

This creates a volatile and difficult situation both for travelers and their employers back home. A unified corporate travel solution, such as Tripscape, provides travelers with instant access to a range of travel solutions supported by global standards, providing more travel options and increased flexibility. A travel itinerary app can help manage risk, increase mobile engagement, and boost traveler satisfaction. This helps corporates get better value for money and returns from their travel budget and enables smoother and more productive corporate travel.

Find Out More

At Mantic Point, we make corporate travel management easy, with an app that centralizes everything you need for end-to-end travel management within a convenient interface you can access from any Internet-enabled device. To find out more about our industry-leading corporate travel management software, or to arrange a demonstration to see it in action, please get in touch today.

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