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How To Help Your Clients Streamline Their Business Travel Arrangements

Travel can be complex at the best of times, so for TMCs charged with delivering a reliable, end-to-end experience that cuts business travel costs, the need for effective solutions that harness the latest tech is greater than ever.

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At Mantic Point, our industry-leading corporate travel management software, Tripscape, can:

  • Provide visibility of all travel transactions.
  • Ensure compliance, automatically flagging violations.
  • Increase automation and reduce time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Enable data-driven decisions that consider how to reduce travel costs.

Delivering A Full End-To-End Service

Convenience and organization are essential facets of any overseas business trip. With end-to-end travel management, TMCs have greater flexibility over travelers’ plans, facilitating accurate planning to create a convenient, problem-free trip that also considers how to cut business travel costs. A complete travel management package offers full customization to meet the needs of each individual client.

Managing Corporate Travel Costs and Generating Revenue

Cost efficiency is a crucial element of any business trip, so smart, data-driven decisions are key to managing corporate costs. With data insights from Tripscape reporting, as well as smart messaging tools, including live agent chat as well as automated chatbot services means agency costs are reduced and new income opportunities are opened up.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Manual Tasks

With corporate travel management software, business trip planning can be effectively streamlined, by:

  • Creating one integrated document for trip details and billing.
  • Hosting all travel documents in a single location for fast and easy retrieval.
  • Providing self-service facilities, so travelers can access all their itineraries instantly.

Contact Mantic Point To Streamline Your Clients’ Business Travel

To find out more about how you can streamline your customers’ business travel arrangements, please get in touch with one of our corporate travel specialists today.

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