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Platform Update: Enhancing Productivity and Personalisation


As part of our constant drive to improve our customers' experience, we have enhanced our travel platform in two new ways: updating the way that content is imported to our Travel Agent Guides and improving visibility of the "Contact Us" section.

At Mantic Point, we are always seeking ways to innovate and looking ahead to the travel management technology of the future. Equally important is analysing and understanding the way our customers use our service. WIth this information, we can simplify and streamline processes to evolve our offering and enhance the way our service is managed. 

Enhanced CMS for Travel Agent Guides

An area we have recently improved, based on how people use our mobile platform, is the Content Management Services (CMS) around the Travel Agent Guide.

A mobile Travel Agent Guide has always been a core aspect of our mobile travel apps. It not only enables TMCs to provide a guide based on their information but also offers their clients the option of custom client guides, each with specific information relevant to that client.

We have talked recently about how important customisation and personalisation are to the future of the travel industry. Personalisation is a powerful way to increase revenue through tailored ancillary merchandising, which also provides real value to the traveller. The right message delivered at the right time can help the traveller view you as a trusted aide.

Many TMCs utilised the Travel Agent Guide feature, but they often had shared content across the clients’ guides. In response, we have enhanced the CMS to allow content in Travel Agent guides to be directly imported from a TMC guide. This means content can be created and maintained once, rather than individually in each client guide. This will be a particularly big win for those of our customers with close-on or over a hundred client agent guides.

Increased Prominence for Contact Information

We also responded to feedback from our customer base indicating a common desire to have the “Contact Us” information, normally found in the Travel Agent Guide, available in a more prominent area of the mobile application. We now have it available from the Welcome Page and have made it manageable through the CMS for each client.


If you would like to take advantage of any of these two platform enhancements, please contact us to see how they can be enabled on your service. 

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