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New Download: The Future of Business Travel – a Q&A with Traveleads

What lies in the future of business travel?

Gary McLeod, Joint Managing Director of Traveleads, recently joined us for a Q&A, in which we explore the way that technology and innovation can help TMCs to serve their customers and add value for them.  

Technology, and the effects of our increasingly interconnected world, is driving every industry forward and spurring innovation. We are continually considering how technology will affect travel and travel management in the future and how businesses are embracing innovation today. To help us further the discussion, we asked Gary McLeod for insight into how Traveleads views and approaches technology and innovation. 


Traveleads is a professional travel management company with over 40 years of experience, which manages the travel needs of a huge variety of clients. It boasts a team of dedicated travel experts, who provide corporate, luxury and other bespoke services. Traveleads offers a tailored approach for a variety of client types, including business, television and sports teams. 

What Drives Innovation?

In our Q&A, we discuss the effects of the biggest drivers of corporate travel innovation, such as the cruciality of mobile, the rise of mobile booking, and the huge influence of the millennial generation on travel

How is the Role of the TMC Changing?

We also drill down into the effects of technological advancement and innovation, examining the way that the role of the TMC is currently shifting, and will continue to evolve, to incorporate changes in technology and meet new challenges in corporate travel.

We end with a look at duty of care and risk management, with Gary explaining the importance Traveleads places on traveller tracking and risk information technology in navigating this age of enhanced global threat. 

For all the insights from our conversation with Traveleads, download our 2020 Innovation – the Future of Business Travel Q&A

2020 Innovation - The future of business travel The Q&a Session We asked Gary  McLeod from Traveleads 7 questions about business travel in 2016. Read his  answers

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