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How TMCs can add new, automated revenue streams

TMCs automated revenue stream

TMCs are sitting on a valuable resource - the access they have to travellers and the data they collect about them via their communication channels.

For suppliers of travel merchandising services such as airport parking, car hire and holiday insurance, this access and information is sought after.

But the cost of opening up each itinerary after the initial booking is too costly for most TMCs.

So what do agencies need to exploit this resource?

Firstly, they need control over their communication channels so they can fully manage the conversation with travellers. For example, using GDS-owned mobile applications hands over access to customers and their data to the GDS, meaning the GDS company can merchandise based on their objectives, not the agency’s.

Secondly, TMCs need to use automation to send highly relevant, personalised and unobtrusive messages to customers. The great strength of TMCs is the relationships they forge with their customers, so the last thing they’ll want to do is damage this with irrelevant communication that tarnishes the user experience. The low incremental value of each commission that could be made from each affiliated sale means automation is absolutely key to generating new post booking revenue streams.

By working with Holiday Extras, the UK market leader for travel add-ons, Mantic Point generated a new, completely automated revenue stream for TMCs that use Mantic Point’s technology. Find out more in our Holiday Extras case study.

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