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Contingency Plans For Stranded Business Travelers With Lots of Flights Getting Cancelled

contingency-plans-for-stranded-business-travellersWhen companies send staff abroad or even long-haul domestically on business trips, the number one priority is traveler safety. If business travelers get stranded overseas, it can be even harder to make alternative arrangements. In the worst cases, communication may be interrupted, and they could even be in danger.

Download 5 itinerary management essentials for duty of care and risk management  here.More often than not, of course, the most serious risks don't materialize and everyone can focus on the business at hand. But with the current spate of flight cancellations across the world, travel disruption is becoming a fact of life, so it's worth making sure you have the right means in hand for unanticipated events.

Develop an Action Plan

Following several years of global disruptions, the Covid crisis not the least of them, airline services are still struggling to get back to normal. Staff shortages are leading to a high number of cancellations, often at short notice. When traveling for business, this can be a real headache, causing interruption, financial loss, and most importantly, risks to staff. 

If an employee is left stranded in a remote location, they will understandably be stressed and worried, just as you will be, especially if the delays are caused by a health emergency or political disruption. It's vital, therefore, for everyone's peace of mind, to have an action plan in place in case of adverse contingencies. 

Safety abroad must be the number one priority, trumping issues of cost. That means getting employees back on the first available replacement flights, even if they are in a more expensive class. If the chosen airport becomes unavailable, also consider arranging travel from a nearby functioning facility, even if it means extra cost. Setting out these arrangements in a contingency plan can help to put travelers' worries at rest.

Use Technology for Support

All but the remotest airports will have functioning wi-fi, so networked technologies are a great way to help support your stranded travelers. Make sure you have the right software installed on your staff devices so they can stay up-to-date with the travel situation and remain in contact with you. Above all, use your mobile platforms to make sure the stranded employees feel supported and know what action is being taken.

Technology also helps to keep your employees in the loop with work, even when stranded overseas. Make use of cloud-based collaborative tools and video-conferencing platforms to mitigate productivity losses. Staying active can also help employees normalize the situation and feel less stressed at being out of action.

Mantic Point's Travel Risk Management App: Tripscape

Because disruption is virtually inevitable, Mantic Point has developed a travel risk management app, called Tripscape, designed to prepare you for cancellations, hold-ups, and interruptions to global business travel. In many cases, it enables you to avoid delays in the first place. By allowing you to track your travelers and assess developing risks, you can take alternative action sooner and keep arrangements as close as possible to plans.

Our app also provides you with the communication tools you require to stay in touch with your traveling employees. Integrated data sources can be used to arm travelers with all the information they need. And with two-way messaging and trackable timelines, you can make sure everyone is properly updated.

To find out more about Tripscape and how it can aid your contingency planning strategy, please call 0113 394 4564 today.

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