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Platform Update: Strategic Investment Progress

Mantic Point Fine-Tune Core Platform

At Mantic Point, we strive to deliver the best in travel management software to our customers, and in order to achieve this aim we are constantly seeking out ways in which to improve and innovate our service. Earlier this year we made some key updates to our service to improve the productivity and personalisation within our core platform. Today, we have released yet more developments to our core platform, which marks a significant milestone within our strategic investment program. 

This year has already proved to be a productive one for Mantic Point as we welcomed a new non-executive director to the team and achieved a number of significant contract wins. Now, as we approach the end of 2016, we are upgrading our service  to ensure that our customers receive the very best in travel software solutions.


June saw the release of traveller forwarded email parsing as Mantic Point integrated with the Traxo service. We have long held the belief that the API economy will prove to be a key factor in how the travel industry increases the speed and scope of development. And now, agencies can reduce expenditure from their clients' travel programme whilst at the same time expanding their travel risk management capabilities by adding off-programme bookings to their duty of care offerings.

Language Support

The Mantic Point platform was designed and built so as to incorporate a multitude of languages to meet the needs of the TMC. Now, as the demand for multi-lingual products has intensified, we are launching French Canadian, German and Spanish language products across all itinerary delivery products – including email, online, mobile and portal.

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Flight Status

The partnership between Mantic Point and Flightstats has existed for many years, ensuring the provision of real-time flight status updates to agencies and travellers alike. With the recent release of an upgraded Flightstats service, we are now implementing the solution with many TMCs to ensure that travellers receive all the very best information possible.

Consolidated Itinerary

Many agencies deliver multiple documents to their travellers due to the variety of booking processes that they use. This quickly becomes impractical for the traveller as there is no single consolidated view of their trip due to the varying segments of travel. We have introduced a Consolidated Itinerary Service – where information about the traveller’s trip is aggregated, de-duplicated and merged into a single, comprehensive view for the agent and the traveller, making life much easier for them both.

Consolidated Itinerary Invoicing

There are often occasions where an agency will need to deliver whole-trip invoicing. Retrieving and assembling this long list of financial data, into a single consolidated itinerary, that the traveller can view or retrieve at a later date can prove to be a nightmare. Often, the end result is a document displaying a separate line for bookings, changes, exchanges and cancellations.

At Mantic Point, we have launched a Consolidated Itinerary Invoicing service for North American agencies looking to combine a consolidated view of all financial and invoicing transactions. This solution provides the agency and the travellers with all the information they require to efficiently manage their expenses processes.

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