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New Download: Transforming the Travel Experience Through Mobile and Apps

New Download: Transforming the Travel Experience Through Mobile and Apps

For the modern day traveller, mobile integration is essential. We have revised and improved our mobile strategy guide to help you to make the most of the unique opportunities modern technology provides, while greatly improving the traveller experience.

Creativity, innovation and technology, when effectively combined, can redefine the user-experience you can offer the traveller. Mobile is here to stay, and application integration, AI implementation and platform functionality will all result in end-user improvements to a mobile service.

Mobile Strategy Guide

An up-to-date mobile strategy is essential, a fact that becomes clear when you examine the options and opportunities available in today's mobile travel technology. In our guide, we discuss the best way to develop a travel app, why you should be ready to embrace the emergence of artificial intelligence and why mobile integration should already be an important part of your business model.

Mobile is an essential element of travel technology, so don't hesitate.  Download the new edition of our mobile strategy guide.

Why Mobile?

Mobile integration has become a fundamental part of modern day travel. The smart phone revolution brought a new level of flexibility and user-experience to the traveller, simplifying key processes such as booking, purchasing and viewing travel itineraries in order to streamline the traveller’s journey. In our guide, we discuss the key success-drivers of a mobile service, such as the importance of multi-platform functionality and the necessity for real-time updates.

How is Mobile Strategy Changing?

Innovation continues to drive travel software forward. TMCs will inevitably get left behind if they don’t adapt to the current technological trends being adopted throughout the industry. The role of the TMC is evolving; in order to incorporate the changes in technology and meet the new challenges of corporate travel, the requirement of a mobile policy is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Download our mobile strategy guide now, and capture the opportunity presented by today's technology.

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