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Corporate Travel Management Software And Why You Need it


Managing corporate travel is a time-consuming task, but one that needs an exhaustive, proactive approach to balance costs and traveler safety. Personalized travel planning includes many factors, from flights and onward travel to hotels and travel itineraries.

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Traditionally, businesses whose employees are traveling to overseas appointments have taken a jigsaw approach to planning, arranging each element separately – a tactic that can result in a disjointed travel experience, soaring costs, and scheduling mistakes. Alternatively, businesses may entrust a travel agent to organize the trip, incurring a significant uplift in the cost for the service.

Corporate travel management software will not only simplify the entire process of organizing a business trip, but it will provide travelers with the latest safety information to ensure their welfare is protected at all times.

What Is Corporate Travel Management Software?

Corporate travel management software, such as Tripscape, is a digital platform that delivers an all-round travel experience, immediately after booking to arrival at home.

Combining essential travel documents, itineraries, and communications in a single dashboard accessible from a cell phone or tablet, the app helps with managing corporate travel costs through visibility of spend. The employer and traveler can stay in touch across time zones, while the latest information about schedule updates and global travel alerts is communicated in real-time.

The Benefits Of A Corporate Travel Management App

So, what the benefits of corporate travel management software for planning overseas business trips for employees?

1) Saves Time

With Tripscape, you can enjoy greater control over bookings and financial management, eliminating the time wasted trawling for the best rates and carrying out price comparisons. All charges are automatically calculated, while automation saves time by eradicating repetitive manual tasks. Travelers, freed from micromanaging every aspect of their trips, can focus on achieving maximum productivity instead.

2) Protects Travelers

Knowing travelers are safe is paramount, particularly during times of political upheaval and a global health emergency. With Tripscape, travelers can be tracked, emerging risks can be assessed, and changes to schedules can be communicated to employees in real-time to ensure their safety. Effective communication between all parties, even across different time zones, keeps everyone constantly informed when it matters most.

3) Enhances Transparency

Complete control over your expenditure and customisable financial reporting, using digital receipts that can’t be mislaid, ensures managers stay in control of overseas travel. Instead of burning a hole in the company’s budget, travel can be costed more accurately so that it adds value to the business rather than being an expensive luxury with few financial rewards.

Find Out More About Tripscape

At Mantic Point, our leading corporate travel management app keeps overseas business trips simple, with all aspects managed from an easy-to-use portal that is available wirelessly anywhere in the world. To find out more, or to request a free demonstration, call us on +44 (0) 113 394 4564.

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