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Why Is Consolidated Traveler Data Easier To Manage Using Our Technology?


Corporate Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are required to deal with multiple variables when undertaking travel planning on behalf of their clients. Corporate travel data – covering all aspects of travel from average flight delays to hotel costs, journey times, and visa requirements – provide valuable insights that can help align your services with the needs of your clients, but only when it’s collected and handled strategically.

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Having access to consolidated travel data gives TMCs greater freedom to offer the most cost-effective, safe, and compliant solution to their customers, adapting their services in response to changing customer requirements and emerging developments in the area of travel.

The Importance of Consolidated Travel Data

The amount of data handled by travel management companies is wide and varied. Professionals in the business travel industry routinely handle data related to flights, accommodation, traveler preferences, profile, company travel policies as well as demographics, destinations, travel alerts, and booking activity. This information must be provided to the right people at the right time, often with little scope for delays.

To put it simply: if the business travel data isn’t accurate the service will fail.

The problem is that many of the tools offered by travel data companies make it hard to obtain and maintain accurate data sets. Often, travel data is messy, incomplete or out of date because it comes from different booking sources that aren’t integrated.

This has a direct impact on how you work and the type of service you can offer to your clients. If data isn’t consolidated, it’s easier to make mistakes or lack clarity when communicating to travelers or travel bookers. At the same time, inaccurate data can interfere with your ability to support travelers in real time during incidents and emergencies.

Accurate and consolidated data is the key to confident decision making and effective travel risk management, which is something all corporate clients expect.

How Tripscape From Mantic Point Makes  Consolidated Traveler Data Easier To Manage For TMCs.

1) A Convenient Single Dashboard
Tripscape has been created with convenience at its core. Our tools consolidate travel data into a single user-friendly dashboard that’s accessible 24/7 through a mobile app or web browser. As a result, travelers won’t have to spend time learning how to use different tools and systems. And you benefit too since all traveler data is accessible as and when needed.

2) Powerful Automation For Personalized Solutions
Corporate travel management aims to deliver a seamless experience that suits the individual needs and budget of each client. Personalization and flexibility aren’t optional: clients and their travelers want tailored services that reflect their preferences and personal needs, but this level of customization requires a heavy investment of time and resources from the travel management company’s side.

Automation has helped many TMCs save time and money while meeting client requirements more effectively, and our software can help you do the same for your clients.

3) Your data, Always Up To Date
At Mantic Point we know that consolidated data is of little use if it’s not current. Our travel management software keeps all data united and accessible in a single place, which makes it easier to keep track of any data points that are out of date or duplicated. Updates can be deployed automatically, keeping your data relevant and current without having to physically log changes in your database.

Reliable data allows you to monitor and strategically improve crucial areas like customer experience, marketing, and revenue management on a continual basis.

4) Enhanced Data Security
Online data is vulnerable to a wide range of serious security threats, from accidental data leaks to ransomware attacks. Data security is hard to implement in situations where different consultants access such data from multiple locations and/or using different devices. Moreover, keeping data dispersed across different computers or drives can increase the chance of data losses.

Consolidating all traveler data in a single cloud-based account and mobile interface boosts data security and allows you to monitor access to sensitive data more closely.

What Next?

Mantic Point is setting new standards of excellence in corporate travel support and data security. We offer bespoke, modular, and flexible technology solutions to TMCs that feature four product families: mobile itinerary, document delivery, risk management portal, reporting and automation. To find out more about our services and the benefits of our Tripscape solution, please call 0113 394 4564 today or click here to make an enquiry.

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