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New Download: Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation

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As we start 2018, the New Distribution Capability standard is gaining momentum and time is running out for TMCs to address their concerns over NDC adoption. But don’t despair if you’re not quite there yet, our new ebook is designed to help you get to grip with some of the biggest challenges presented by the introduction of NDC-standards.

At least 90 airlines expect to be have introduced the NDC-standard by 2020, with both British Airways and Iberia already adding an £8 charge to any booking made through a GDS. Unfortunately, any TMC hoping to bury its head in the sand and wait for everything to blow over is already falling behind the competition.

Why is the Introduction of NDC-Standards a Threat to TMCs?

Although positioned as a way for airlines to gain to more control over the way their products are marketed and sold, TMC's aren't convinced about the worth of NDC-standards and some see it as nothing more than a way for airlines to seize a bigger share of sales.

Although nobody can be sure what the effects of the NDC-standard will be, what we do know is it has the potential to completely rewrite the business travel supply chain. It will effectively funnel airline products further down the distribution chain, bypassing GDS systems and connecting them directly to customers.

This reduces most TMC’s gateway to airline products and although airlines’ have been willing to negotiate for access to their products, smaller TMCs are likely to find themselves at a disadvantage – potentially leaving them without access to the best NDC-content.

Download our eBook and prepare your business for the disruption caused by NDC  and trip fragmentation

What is Trip Fragmentation?

A significant portion of our new ebook is dedicated to one of the most overlooked challenges TMCs will face with the introduction of the NDC-standard – trip fragmentation.

Simply put, trip fragmentation is what will happen when NDC-standard elements of a business trip aren’t able to integrate with your GDS, resulting in the loss of 360-degree visibility of the trip and adding cost and complexity into business processes.

If you haven’t already, now is definitely the time for all TMCs to ensure they fully understand how trip fragmentation will affect them.

What’s Inside Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation?

Reading our new ebook should give you a basic understanding of what the NDC-standard is, how it might affect you and how you can prepare yourself – as well as in-depth look at the challenge of trip fragmentation.

Inside Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the NDC?
  • How Will NDC Work?
  • Why Was NDC Introduced?
  • What Are the Benefits for TMCs?
  • What are the Challenges for TMCs?
  • Why is Trip Fragmentation Such a Worry?
  • How to Prepare for NDC and Deal with Trip Fragmentation 

Downloading our new ebook gives your TMC a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and ready yourself for the introduction of NDC-standards before you find yourself falling behind better prepared competitors.

Click here, or on the image below, to download your free copy of Rising to the Challenges of NDC and Trip Fragmentation today.

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