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What To Do With Your Downtime While Traveling For Business


Travel doesn't have to be all about work when you're doing it for business.


Even if your schedule is looking super busy and packed with daily meetings, it's important to fit in some personal time for your own wellbeing as this will in turn only boost your productivity while working. Here are some helpful ways to spend your downtime while traveling for business:

Rest Well

Traveling can be tiring, even more so if you have work on your mind at the same time. Don't forget the importance of giving your body and mind time to recover after a long trip or an intense round of meetings. If you have a good hotel room, relax in it when your schedule allows and catch up on any lost sleep so you can be refreshed and ready for your next meeting. Enjoy streaming movies or music to unwind, but try not to overstimulate your mind with digital media during a corporate trip, as this can make you feel more tired and overwhelmed.

Enjoy Your New Surroundings

Taking some time to get to know the city you're in is about more than being curious. Sure, sightseeing is fun and helps you unwind, but an appreciation for local surroundings and culture can also communicate to potential customers that you take an interest in more than just signing on the dotted line. It can be a good way of breaking the ice or lead to more creative settings for business meetings if you want to mix business with pleasure.

Keep Up With Office Developments

As this is a work-related trip, staying updated on what's happening while you're away from the office is essential. This can be as simple as checking emails every morning or afternoon, so you're kept informed and know what you're going back to, or even what may affect the professional relationships you're traveling to build. Staying in the loop means you're fully prepared and won't be caught off-guard by any unpleasant surprises.

Schedule Family Time

Some business trips may allow for the opportunity to travel with family; spending quality time with them can be a great way to unwind from the stresses of your work day. Thanks to modern video calling technology, it's possible to do this even if they're unable to travel with you. You can do this even from the other side of the world and it can be the best antidote if you suffer with homesickness while away.

People often get caught up in the distinction between traveling for 'business or pleasure'. As you can see, your trip doesn't have to be mutually exclusive; in fact, allowing some enjoyment and relaxation in your downtime can provide an extra boost to your work. With global business travel picking up again and set to increase further in the near future, it's worth keeping this in mind.

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