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Clarity Supplier Management

Clarity is one of the UK’s largest independent travel management companies with around 400 employees and a turnover nearing £250m. With a head office in Chertsey and a number of offices in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, Clarity provides travel bookers with a range of travel related services.

Clarity continually strives to offer the best products, service and support to its clients. Collaboration with specialist companies such as Mantic Point helps deliver leading edge solutions for today and the future.

The Problem

The relationship between a TMC and its suppliers is an essential part of providing clients with the best value and choice of travel products.

Clarity knew that one of the best ways to reinforce their supplier relationships was to offer them a unique way of engaging with travellers so they could raise awareness of the value of the suppliers brand and product range.

The problem was that, like most TMC’s, Clarity use multiple product and booking sources which rarely work together seamlessly and do not allow the TMC to customise the experience or the content of the traveller communication channel. This made controlling the end-to-end communication experience with the traveller a real problem.

The Challenge

Adrian Parkes, Chief Commercial Officer at Clarity said:

We had to find a way to gain executive control over the communication channel because we knew it would enable us to build on the very best experience we offer our travellers whilst at the same time allow us to reinforce and support the relationships we have with our key suppliers.

The challenge was how Clarity could take back control of the traveller experience from the GDS and other booking systems and deliver targeted brand promotion opportunities to its suppliers.

The Solution

Partnering with Mantic Point and implementing its integrated itinerary management technology across mobile, email confirmations and online itineraries has given Clarity the opportunity to take back the control of the client and traveller communication channels, removing the dependency on third parties and enabled full control over the supplier, customer and traveller conversation.

The technology supports Clarity’s supplier relationship activities by providing enhanced media campaign opportunities not usually offered by a TMC.

The Result

Clarity can now engage their key partners with immersive and targeted product promotional campaigns. Delivering key messages across multiple channels at the perfect time results in maximum impact, stronger ties with the right suppliers and more opportunities to generate additional income.

Adrian Parkes said:

Since implementing the solution we’ve had great success in developing our strategic relationships with key travel providers.

The ability to control communications makes the TMC an essential ingredient in the eyes of suppliers. Parkes explains:

A major airline brand recently told us that Clarity can offer the best media opportunities of all their TMC relationships based on our ability to project their products to the right people at the right time.

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