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Stay Ahead of Disruption

With a live risk profile for your entire organisation, you track disruptions and the travellers they affect in real-time. Up-to-the-minute risk alerts provide you with the insight to minimise the effects of disruption and keep your travellers’ trips running smoothly.


Assess Risk in Advance

Country Security Advisory Ratings give you an overview of the situation on the ground in any destination. So you’ll be able to assess threats at the planning stage and deliver personalised risk briefings, long before your travellers touch down.


Track Travellers Anywhere

Mobile GPS tracking allows you to quickly locate all the travellers affected by an emergency and provide them with a secure check-in capability. Drill down into trip details to gauge the parts of their itinerary affected and communicate with your travellers straight from the dashboard with SMS, email, and push notifications.


Ensure Duty of Care

Automated compliance notifications allow rules to be set by the organisation, ensuring critical information reaches those who need it. You can also easily export data to external systems in the event of an audit.

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Why Duty of Care Matters

"Providing a comprehensive suite of risk management products to all our clients is a key part of our duty-of-care strategy to support their business travellers.

Adrian Parkes
Chief Commercial Officer

"Many organizations are proactively adopting Duty of Care practices to ensure compliance as well as to focus internal risk management planning. ”

John Rose
Director of Operations

“Business travel has become an integral part of conducting business and as such needs to be considered in duty of care with health and safety policies.”

Corporate Social Responsibility Toolkit

The Future of Business Travel

A Q&A with WorldAware’s Director of Operations

John Rose is a leading light in the travel risk industry, working at the cutting edge of travel risk management solutions. We interviewed him about the future of the business travel industry, for 2016 and beyond, asking him what the top travel risks facing multinational organizations today are.